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Quality Objective / Environmental Policy

Quality Objectives

Achieve quality commitments that do their best and give customers maximum satisfaction with the best service and quality

A specific Course of action
  1. Focus on prevention rather than handling quality issues and provide full quality from the ground up.
  2. Achieving quality objectives is the highest value in all management activities.
  3. Recognize that supplier quality as well as independent quality is an important factor.
  4. It focuses on pre-quality prevention activities through continuous education and efforts.
  5. Always listen to the customer's voice and actively reflect it in management
  6. Establish quality objectives and approach them with a sense of goal
  7. If a quality accident occurs, take responsibility and solve it until the end.
  8. Recognize that the quality issue is not a particular issue, but a problem for the entire company.
  9. Quality design takes into account reliability issues, which are invisible quality.
  10. Check the quality system for continuous maintenance

Environmental Management Goals

Recognizing the importance of the environment in human life and creating an atmosphere that realizes environmental priority in management, environmental management activities are realized independently and company-wide.

A specific Course of action

Actively introduce 3R policies and promote efficiency in all management environments.

  • Reductionwaste standard system, waste levy system, avoiding the use of disposable products, reducing food waste, and measuring system.
  • ReuseScreening waste and reuse of packaging containers
  • RecyclingRecycling Designated Businesses Designated by-product emission agents, construction waste recycling promoters, segregated discharge indicators

Create a continuous management system to comply with and maintain domestic and international regulations on the environment, safety and health.

Establish an environmental management system to continuously promote environmental improvement activities or pollution prevention activities.

Encourage all employees to recognize the importance of the environment and participate in direct and indirect activities to improve the environment.