Ear Phone ODM

Earphone / Headphone Development Process

TERA Speaker Mission For Customers

  1. We develops earphones and headphones that make the clearest sound in the world
  2. We manufacture with the world best sound technology [MST]
  3. We do our best to increase the brand value of our customers
  4. We achieve the delivery time and quality goal that make customers satisfyed

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Product Development Services Core Competencies

Achieve customer satisfaction by supporting the development and production supply of products within the desired time frame.
We minimize the burden on our customers and use our existing infrastructure as much as possible to support production in an efficient way.
Cost Reduction
Enables you to launch a flagship product that can dominate the market in a timely manner with efficient cost and time investments compared to competitors.
Quality Level
In order to maintain the world's highest quality level, we will strengthen the quality system and produce and supply it with responsibility until the end.

New Product Development FLOW

The process for production that meets the customer's product specifications proceeds with the following flow

Model decision and specification request
Determine the design requirements and the size of the appearance of the customer and the shape that meets the product specification, such as the power supply output.
Provide the final delivery estimate of the supplied product to the customer, including information such as mold, injection, surface mounting, transportation, packaging conditions, etc.
If the customer signs the contract and sends the order, they prepare for delivery and production.
(if it current product)
Off-the-shelf products can be delivered immediately, but it takes about a month to manufacture them according to customer specifications.
If there is a drawing made by the customer, molds will be made according to the drawing, and if there is no drawing, we will make a drawing in our design room.
Mold manufacturing
Fabrication of appearance molds for production of products. Basically, the customer pays for the mold production cost, but if the production volume is high, it can be added to the manufacturing delivery unit price.
Assembly production
We make the final standard of production and assemble and produce various accessories in the cosmetic mold.
Final inspection
Create a standard specification for finished products and conduct a final inspection before the product is shipped, and if a defect occurs, it will be treated according to ISO standards.
Packaging and delivery
Packaged in standard packaging and delivered to Customer's designated location by Customer's required date