MST Speaker

Ultra high resolution Speaker

Enjoy the ultra-high-resolution sound that creates an overwhelming sense of immersion when listening to blockbuster movies, symphonies or sounds of nature. Any small sound or low-pitched sound that is mixed with high notes is delivered as if it were happening in front of your eyes. We've been waiting for MST for a long time to enjoy the absolute original sound.

Compare the hearing test with our product equipped with MST technology.
A Type of business
1Provide speaker unit of MST technology
2Production and supply of high-resolution earphone/headphone OEMs
3Technical cooperation with advanced product developers
A Business partner
1Manufacturers of high-end earphones/headphones
2OEM/OMD Manufacturers
3Home appliances Company

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What is MST (Magnetostatic Technology)?

  • Use of duality*: Electrostatic field  --> Magnetostatic field:  World’s first
  • A high voltage Amp to produce electrostatic field is substituted with neodymium magnet for generating magnetostatic field.
  • 2nd Generation Ultra-Resolution Speakers Invented to Replace Electrostatic Speakers
  • Lower cost and miniaturization by replacing high voltage devices, the biggest drawback of electrostatic speakers, with permanent magnets
  • Enables popularization of the ultra-high resolution audio market

Summary of MST (Magnetostatic Tech.)

  • 2nd-gen ultra-high resolution speaker which can replace EST speakers.
  • It removes the high voltage Amp to reduce cost and size.
  • It can popularize the ultra-high resolution audio market.

Advantages of MST Speakers

  • The most innovative speaker's structure in the audio device history over 144 years.
High-speed response
conveys the feeling of the scene accurately
No distortion across the whole band
produces high-quality sound closest to the original
No loss of medium/high tone sound
builds detail sound without missing even the smallest
Compact size
applicable to all audio devices

Wire Earphone

  • Over-ear type, Hybrid driver (Φ9.5mm X T4.2mm) used

Wireless Earphone ('23 Release)

Headphone ('23 Release)

PMT(Planner Magnet Technology) vs MST